Clean Up The Web

  • 18 April 2021
  • Fabio

For years, we have been passionate about developing websites and apps for our clients and millions of users worldwide. During this time, we have looked at hundreds of technologies and tools used or provided by others. Tools such as Google Analytics, Google Firebase, Zendesk, Amazon Web Services, Cloudflare WAF and many more. Even though clients have already almost dictated that we should use one of these tools, we took a closer look and asked ourselves whether we can ethically justify the use of this technology.

Linked Data (Google)

As already emphasised in previous posts, data privacy is extremely important to us. Therefore, we have categorically excluded all tools that do not meet our level of data protection. Even if the software itself, such as Google Firebase, is fascinating and could save us a lot of work, we do not want to pass on any data to Google, as their handling of data is unacceptable. Therefore, we will always strive to use and financially support alternatives that respect privacy and are backed by trustworthy companies.

Unfortunately, many companies and developers alike overlook the importance of data protection. So it's high time to clean up the web and protect customers from data krakens.

What can we do as developers?

Check out the Clean up the web! website and learn more about the responsibilities and opportunities you have as a developer.

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