New Website Released

  • 20 April 2020
  • Fabio

Welcome to our new website! After more than six years we have decided to completely redesign our website and bring it into line with the new decade. We have used a new design and enriched the website with more information about our work and projects. To make sure that our old website is not completely forgotten we would like to immortalize it here:

Old Website

By the way, you are reading our first blog entry right now and more posts will follow soon. In the future we would like to inform you here about new projects, technologies or other news.

Are you wondering which technologies we used to develop this website? We have used our favorite technologies and languages:

We would like to talk briefly about a currently very important topic: Data protection and privacy
These two issues lie very close to our hearts and we consider these two points to be a fundamental right for everyone. Every day, companies collect data about us and sell or misuse it. We are therefore committed to data protection in the digital world and in our everyday life. We only develop software that fully guarantees data protection and respects privacy. It goes without saying that our website does not contain any trackers, advertisements or other connections to third parties and does not collect and store any information about visitors. For the future we hope that more developers will follow our example and make their projects privacy friendly.