SPN Nodes Enabled

  • 13 November 2023
  • Fabio

In addition to our commitment to protecting privacy, we also campaign against censorship and defend anonymity on the Internet. For this reason, we set up our Tor Relay servers just over two years ago and have been offering three high-performance servers in Switzerland ever since.

In the meantime, we have been following the development of Safing, a start-up that combines the speed of VPNs with the anonymity of Tor. The development of the Safing Privacy Network, known as SPN, has now reached an advanced stage and the operation of nodes from the community was recently enabled.

SPN Nodes List

As we believe the project and its implementation are exemplary, we decided to offer Swiss nodes located at the privacy-friendly provider Infomaniak in Switzerland. We are already seeing a lot of traffic on our servers and we hope that this will increase as Safing becomes more widely known.